What makes our Products different?


Think of our products as food for your skin.  What kind of foods are/are not nourishing to eat?  What are the consequences of choosing processed foods vs natural ones? Lettuce vs a fast food burger?  We can answer these questions easily when talking about foods but often we don’t associate this concept for our skincare products, which feed our largest organ.

At least, we didn’t.  Until we got sick and researched it.

That’s when we made big changes.


What is a Clean Ingredient?

We use natural ingredients that are also harvested & cleansed naturally. We hold ourselves to a very high standard & partner with the same commitment.

What is Comedogenic?

The comedogenic scale rates whether an ingredient will likely clog pores on a scale from zero to five.  The lower the rating equals it is less likely to clog pores.  We use ingredients that our skin recognizes with the lowest ratings.

What Does Sustainability Mean?

We believe in harvesting ingredients sustainably.  This is especially important with our sea sponges, palm oil, beezwax and bamboo.

What do you cut out?

Our ingredients are free of parabens, chemical cocktail preservatives, dyes, chemical cocktail perfumes, petroleum and animal testing.

Product Care

The crafted/bottled date & Storage

The stamped date on the product is the date it was crafted. We recommend using your products within one year of formulation. Your product may stay fresh for much longer than a year but this is a good guideline. What we look for after a year are any scent and/or visual clues of decline. The essential oils are usually the main ingredient that will lose its amazing scent first. Proper dark/cool/closed storage extends shelf life.

For Best Results

We recommend giving your skin a chance to adjust exclusively to the new products without other products skewing results.

Essential Oils

Products with essential oils are kept fresh longer away from sunlight and air. Those who are pregnant [or may be pregnant], breastfeeding, on medication and/or under medical care should use caution with products containing essential oils. Essential oils are potent and not intended for children.

Care for Cloths/Sponges

Soaps, lavas, sponges and cloths need to be fully dried between uses. They are best stored in a dry environment and disinfected regularly. Information on how to do this is on the product packaging and the website.

Product Partnership

Let's Connect

  • email: wholesale@nashandjones.com
  • social: @nashandjones #skincarefromtheearth
  • wholesale: faire.com/nashandjones
  • retail site: nashandjones.com

Shelf Strategy

Add new product arrivals to the back of the shelf.  We always want the oldest crafted date in the front to sell first.

Keep stock in abundance for each product as it sells better when fully stocked vs having only one or two remaining.

Need Help?

Email kim@nashandjones.com if you need additional marketing materials before your next order.