What Makes our Products Different?

No Chemical Preservatives

Chemical Preservatives are drying and potentially toxic. Even in small doses per item, those ingredients add up daily when using multiple products and then combine with those you consume through food. Not to mention, they don’t do anything good for our skin.

No Dyes or Perfumes

We celebrate the natural color of ingredients, use Vitamins to extend the life of your ingredients and Essential Oils to add a pleasing scent (plus added skin benefits). There is no need for chemical cocktails.

Non-Comedogenic Oils

We use oils that have the lowest likelihood of clogging pores according to the 0-5 Comedogenic scale.

No Petroleum

Petroleum is is a derivative of oil refining. It can create the illusion of hydrated skin by acting as a barrier on top of your skin. We only use beeswax from a family-owned company with a USDA Organic rating.

Tips and Tricks

Add new product arrivals to the back of the shelf.  We always want the oldest crafted date in the front to sell first.

Keep stock in abundance for each product as it sells better when fully stocked vs having only one or two remaining.

Feel free to email wholesale@nashandjones.com if you need additional marketing materials before your next order.

The date on the product is the date it was crafted. We assign products a full 12-18 months for best results. The products will likely stay fresh for much longer, but this is a safe date.